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Prima Power considers sustainability to be a decisive factor in the design and production of its products, in which the company constantly strives to balance high productivity with low impact on the planet. The demands of environmental and social responsibility are playing an ever-growing central role and will increasingly guide economic policies, falling within the European Recovery Fund guidelines for ecological transition, resilience and sustainability.
Prima Power is one of the pioneers of sustainability in the industrial sector: in 1998, the group formalized this commitment in the ‘Energy in Efficient Use®’ brand and more than ten years ago it launched the ‘Green Means®’ concept. Not only are the machines produced in an environmentally and socially responsible way, they are also designed to operate profitably and sustainably in customers' factories.
Green Means® translates into an increase in profit with a lower environmental impact. This is a considerable advantage for the customer - allowing increases in productivity and the quality of sheet metal components with reduced costs - and an advantage for the environment, helping to preserve the planet's resources.
Prima Power products allow sustainable and green production thanks to six key factors:
- Reduction of consumption and emissions
- High efficiency and reduced maintenance
- Reduction of waste
- Flexibility and modularity
- Reduction of occupied floor space
- People priorities
Reduction of consumption and emissions
Prima Power were among the first manufacturers to apply servo-electric technology to the punching and bending of sheet metal. For example, Prima Power turret punching machines save 82% of energy through servo-electric and Ecopunch technology. The companies’ servo-electric panel benders bring about a 64% reduction in electrical consumption, when compared to hydraulic solutions.
The fiber laser sources manufactured by the Prima group also make it possible to reduce consumption, thanks to their high “wall-plug” efficiency. The technology of the new pumping diodes further increases the electro-optical efficiency.
Remote Care software solutions and Augmented Reality applications contribute to a drastic reduction of interventions in the field and, consequently, of emissions due to field service staff travel. They also enable highly efficient digital production management.
High efficiency and low maintenance
Creating innovative solutions that require less maintenance and improve efficiency is important for the green supply chain. Greater efficiency means lower operating costs and improved productivity.
All Prima Power product lines are equipped with advanced technologies that contain fewer critical components than conventional solutions, allowing customers to reduce maintenance and improve the OEE (Total Plant Efficiency).
The automatic and fast setup that characterises Prima Power machinery guarantees an increase in productivity and simplifies production changes. Efficiency is at the heart of Prima Power products and the machines are designed to achieve superior precision and reliability, extended life cycle and reduced maintenance.
For example, the O-frame structure and servo-electric drives of the press brakes, the linear motors, granite bed and carbon fiber carriage of the laser machines and the sophisticated tooling systems of the punching machines are just a few examples of this design approach.
Reduction of waste
This goal is not new for Prima Power but today new technologies and business models make it easier to achieve. Metal parts can now be reworked and repaired with the use of Additive Manufacturing, allowing customers to embrace the new business paradigm of the Circular Economy.
The use of servo-electric machines instead of those powered by hydraulics reduces the impact on the planet, eliminating the need to use hydraulic oils and the associated ongoing costs for its purchase and disposal.
Intelligent software solutions with efficient component nesting algorithms ensure optimal use of the sheet metal and reduce waste. The quality of the parts then produced by highly accurate, consistent machines drastically reduces waste and the need for rework. After cutting, advanced technologies for bending angle correction allow 100% usable parts.
Flexibility and modularity
With over 40 years’ experience in a wide range of industrial applications, Prima Power has always been focused on the adaptability and flexibility of its systems.
Integrated Punch-Laser and Punch-Shear systems combine multiple operations, such as punching, forming and laser cutting or right-angle shearing, to one machine platform. This then reduces the number of machines necessary, as well as the materials handling needed between processes to complete work on the final product.
Prima Power Shear Genius EVO, Punch and Shear Combination
In addition, Prima Powers’ highly versatile laser solutions allow different processes to be undertaken, such as cutting, welding, drilling and additive manufacturing, with different geometries, materials and thicknesses to meet the demands of the widest range of product sectors.
Flexible and modular production lines (FMS) and scalable automation solutions are able to meet any production demand, from small batches to mass production, and to grow without the need to replace existing machine elements.
Reduction of occupied floor space
Combined Prima Power Punching and Shearing or Punching and Laser Cutting machines are highly efficient solutions that combine different processes into one single machine cell, rather than having multiple machines, saving on factory floor space.
As a further example, Prima Power 2D and 3D laser cutting systems allow the customer to save significantly on factory space. Through compact, optimised footprints and the integration of normally external ancillaries, the machines allow users to significantly increase productivity and improve factory process flow.
Production line and automatic storage solutions further allow the manufacture of finished products in a fully autonomous manner, from raw materials through to processed and stacked parts: a complete factory in a very compact layout.
In 2020, Prima Power celebrated the 30th anniversary of their FMS systems. The technologies and capabilities of these allow customers to increase productivity, reduce operational demands and fulfil their goal of production in more sustainable factories.
Prima Power Punch-Shear-Buffer-Bend (PSBB) Line, Raw Material Storage through to Part Production
People Priorities
All Prima Power products adhere to rigorous standards in terms of worker health and safety, improving general working conditions.
Prima Power machines all use fully protected cabins, which comply with the strictest safety standards, without sacrificing the accessibility and visibility of the work area for the operator. "Hands-free" solutions, such as laser scanners and safety light curtains, are adopted into the machine technologies, further increasing safety and facilitating operation. In addition, excellent ergonomics and reduced noise pollution are further important aspects of Prima Power machine design.
Ease of use is a key feature of Prima Power machinery, allowing operators to carry out complex operations in a simple and intuitive way and to increase productivity. Industry 4.0 solutions for the digitalization of production help to reduce monotonous operations and allow operators to engage in more interesting and value-added work activities.

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