Prima Power Maintenance 4.0

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With the consistency and reliability of machinery being key criteria for all customers, Prima Powers’ range of laser and sheet metal processing machines is equipped with fully monitored running for assured operation. The "health" of the machinery is under constant control, thanks to a continual collection of behavioural data, verification of critical components - including external elements - and data analysis.
For all machines - whether stand-alone, connected to automation or part of an entire automatic production line - in the event of unexpected production interruptions, it is essential to be able to react promptly, in order to return to production quickly.
All Prima Power products are IoT (Internet of Things) ready as standard. The machines leave the factory already equipped with gateways for data transfer to the cloud and, optionally, with video surveillance cameras. In the event of problems, these cameras give the possibility for video recordings to be reviewed and analysed by service technicians. Customers can thus obtain all of the necessary information and support to determine the causes that led to the interruption, and the possible resolutions to quickly restore production.
Prima Power offers its customers a powerful IoT Remote Care system, in which the technicians of the groups’ service offices are certified to connect to the system and analyse the data collected, for example:
  • Alarms
  • Production interruptions, along with all system variables involved and relevant at the time
  • Manual operations recorded by the HMI, such as selected buttons, current work process and modified files.
Prima Power Production Analytics
Through the amount and quality of the data collected, the analysis of this makes it possible to trace the causes of the problem much faster than in the past and to quickly offer a solution.
The "health" of the system is also monitored through the behaviour of elements external to the machine but still critical, for example computers, networks, and connections. As such, it is possible to analyse signals, memory information, network traffic and connection quality to find a valid solution to problems not generated by the machines but by the peripheral components connected to them.
The high volume of data collected and analysed in the cloud, enables a service that is essential for solving critical production issues that inevitably occur during the machine life cycle.
The ultimate goal is fully automatic, "lights-out" production, with built-in predictive maintenance logic.