Prima Power Folding Solutions for Lightweight, High-Strength Materials

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The Sheet Metal forming industry is seeing an increasing demand for the processing of lighter materials, especially high-strength Steels and Aluminium.
This trend particularly affects the automotive, industrial vehicle and agricultural machinery sectors, where it is important to reduce the weight of the vehicle, whilst increasing its range and durability. Even in the construction industry, the focus is towards steels which, with the same weight, allow the construction of more resistant structures. In all these examples, the most widely used materials are high-strength Steels.
Additionally, the white goods sector is also increasing the use of lighter materials, primarily Aluminium, for lighter product requirements, combined with the compliance of high hygiene and aesthetical standards.
Prima Power, a world-class, high-tech manufacturer of laser and sheet metal processing machinery, offers a range of different bending solutions for these two material applications.
For high-strength steels, characterised by high hardness specifications, Prima Power has a dedicated range of ‘hP’ series hydraulic press brakes. In collaboration with Gasparini Industries, this includes a range of machines up to 650 tons, singularly or in tandem, for bending applications in materials that have a strong elastic modulus.
The hP machines are highly customisable and can be adapted to the customer's needs - both in terms of part geometries and also tooling. Among the options designed for such applications are an adaptive hydraulic crowning system and also a “Reflex” system for the active management of movement within the structure.
For bending Aluminium, the ideal solution is Prima Power's range of ‘eP’ Press Brakes which are fast, accurate and offer highly attractive "green" credentials through a fully servo-electric design, with capacity options up to 200 tons.
The servo-electric drives allow for high dynamics and much more precise control of force and speed during bending, making the eP machines perfect for light and "difficult" material such as Aluminium. A range of optional features are available and amongst some of the most useful for this application are a real-time angle control system and bending-flattening table.
Prima Power is able to supply both machine types in either standalone formats, or with robotics for fully automated production in high volume applications. Tool-changer models are also available, further boosting productivity and ease of use.
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